Case Study - Strategic Organisation Renewal Planning

Strategic Organisation Renewal Planning (case study)

The Challenge

A major Hong Kong-based construction holding group had experienced success for over 20 years. However, as more and more businesses were moving across the border to China, the organisation faced changing demands and expectations from their customers.  

The client asked Dew-Point to help them look at their strategy, realign the senior executive team to the organisation’s mission, and to build team synergy. The senior executive team would develop a strategic action plan for implementation during our assignment with them.

Our Solution

Dew-Point proposed a “Strategic Organisation Renewal Planning (SORP)” programme. Designed for the senior executive team and the Managing Director, the programme provided an opportunity for the participants to perform an in-depth analysis of advancement opportunities and strategy implementation planning.

The Results

As a result of the SORP programme, the senior executive team realised what it takes to lead the organisation to greater profitability. The participants learned to take more responsibility for their roles as leaders and were able to get their middle management to play a more active role in running day-to-day operations. The organisation became more forward thinking, and made significant improvements in the collaboration between functions, and by focusing on their core businesses.