The Profile XT - report types and uses

Performance Model Comparison
  • Useful to the hiring manager. 
  • Provides the manager with insights into the person's thinking style, behavioural traits and occupational interests. This report also includes a job match percentage.
Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Useful for succession planning. 
  • Illustrates the employee's job match percentage to all job match patterns within the company.
Candidate Matching
  • Useful to the hiring manager. 
  • Provides an overview of all applicants for a particular job and their job match percentages.
Interview Guides
  • Useful to the employee.
  • Provides the employee with a total person overview and occupational aptitudes.

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How the Profile XT is Used

Leadership Development
Strategic Workforce Planning
HIPO Identification
Workforce Redeployment
Executive Development
Employee Retention
Team Development
Team Building
Management Development
Supervisory Development
Mergers and Acquisitions
Performance Management
Conflict Resolution
Succession Planning
Replacement Planning
Sales Management 
Career Development
Project Management
Program Management
Stress Management
Reduction in Force
Job Matching
Measuring Competencies
Turnover Reduction
Minimizing Learning Curves
Accelerating Performance
Enabling Coaches
Individual Development Planning
Development Planning



“Our company gets a good return on investment from the ProfileXT® assessment. We’ve found the product crucial in helping us promote retention and enhance productivity. Your assessments are an important part of our HR tool kit.”
- Sun Life Financial
“It’s a shift from ‘low performer thinking’ to ‘maybe they are not in the right job, and we should find them a better fit.’ I can figure out that if poor job fit is the case, I can help them go into a new job and do better.”
- Eastman Chemical Company

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