The Leadership Pipeline (part 2)

‘.. at least fifty percent of the people in leadership positions are operating at far below their assigned level.
They have the potential to be leaders, but that potential is going unfulfilled’.
- ‘The Leadership Pipeline’
Star performers who are promoted into positions of leadership often do not go through the necessary behavioural and value-based changes, and fail to learn the required performance skills that are critical to the transition process from individual contributor to manager-leader.
In this article we describe a proven development model and programme specifically designed to bridge this transition.
The route to management begins within the early years of career development and is directed towards individual contribution. In this role the emphasis is on technical or professional skill requirements. The development of these skills brings the individual to a point where they are considered for promotion to first line management.
At this point of change, technical skills are no longer sufficient. There is a considerable difference between being an experienced individual contributor and developing into a manager and a leader. It is not simply a case of changing a job title, but more about transforming the role into new skill requirements and capabilities requiring the execution of new responsibilities and the achievement of results.
Development requires a shift in behaviour and values, an emphasis on interpersonal relationships, processes and the achievement of team-driven results. Many people have the potential to be good managers and leaders. They have the talent and the ability but the potential is unfulfilled because they fail to develop their performance skills.
To successfully transition into management and leadership roles, it is important to identify the specific skill and work requirements within each organisation level or position, and how these requirements change in the process of transitioning to the next level.
Skillogy PERFORM is a structured leadership development programme that contributes to the important transformation and development stages of a manager and leader.
The programme uses eLearning to bring employees through the Leadership Pipeline. Based on the Model of Performance Skills™, which was developed through academic research and is routinely kept up-to-date with expert-driven content, the programme is designed around the 350 skill characteristics that underpin management and leadership performance. It provides training on a range of performance skills that are the key drivers in developing management and leadership performance.
Skillogy PERFORM is designed for managers and leaders who need to build upon their performance capacity, and the programme is also applicable for first time managers.
Using a blended learning approach, with interactive self-paced course modules, it addresses key performance areas in Managing SELF, Managing PEOPLE, and Managing WORK, as is illustrated in the diagram below. This forms the framework for an integrated suite of performance skills, specifically designed to improve results for managers and leaders through the application of key behavioural, interpersonal and process drivers.
Skillogy Perform has been in use since 1996. Today there are over 100,000 users worldwide and in Asia including HSBC, Cathay Pacific, Marco Polo Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Hong Kong Club, and Tongji University Shanghai. It is available in Chinese, and is used in Taiwan and Shanghai.
Dew-Point International Ltd. is a licensed distributor and partner of Skillogy's network of international management development consultants and facilitators that support the Skillogy PERFORM blended-learning programme online and across the world. Contact us to arrange a preview of the system and know how we can build a bridge for transforming your managers and leadership competency faster within your organisation.