Skillogy PERFORM

Are there soft skills gaps in your teams?
Are you leaving your business vulnerable and individuals in your team struggling with challenging and ever-changing situations?  
Skillogy PERFORM is the smarter, simpler approach to highly effective soft skill development. Delivered in a Blended Online Learning format and designed to improve key skill areas for Leadership. 

Creating smart, emotionally intelligent managers and leaders is crucial to the long-term success of any business or organisation, yet, very often there is a gap in people’s skills that prevent joined-up thinking and effective action.

Skillogy PERFORM gives you the ability to realise and harness your people’s full potential, as they react to changing markets and sectors and develop the ability to build strong relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Easy to understand
Simple to use
Cost-effective and globally available
30 courses across three Ability Clusters:
SELF Efficiency | MANAGER Bias | LEADER Bias
Utilising a highly successful structure of integrated learning ‘clusters’, Skillogy PERFORM is used across diverse industries and cultures around the world to develop individuals’ and teams’ soft skills with measurable outcomes and robust, organisation-wide results.
Skillogy PERFORM's research-based model is centred on 250 characteristics that provide a valuable resource of the key soft skills to develop highly effective leader-managers.

Skillogy PERFORM enables individuals to:

  • identify their learning needs
  • assess and build their skills and abilities
  • learn online, on mobile, 24-7, 365 days a year
  • access topical, relevant knowledge 
  • use action-focused guidelines
  • complete evidential coursework
  • measure performance outcomes
Who is it for?
Individuals who want to use their talent to build their management and leadership potential. Skillogy PERFORM has been used by thousands of managers and leaders throughout the world over the last ten years to achieve superior work performance and improve team results. The research-based model is specifically designed for:
  • Individuals, managers and leaders who want to build their management and leadership potential
  • Individual contributors who are transitioning to manager-leader roles
  • Expert, specialist and professional roles that involve technical leadership

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