Skillogy PERFORM

What is it?

Skillogy PERFORM is a highly effective ability development model, in an E-LEARNING format, designed to improve key skill areas for Leadership.

Skillogy PERFORM is structured around the Ability Development Model and develops skills in the three key areas of managing SELF, managing TEAM and managing WORKThe model allows individuals to:
  • Identify their learning needs
  • Assess their abilities
  • Learn online 24/7
  • Access topical, relevant know-how
  • Use action-focused guidelines
  • Complete evidential course workbooks
  • Build their skills and abilities
  • Measure performance outcomes
Who is it for?

Individuals who want to use their talent to build their management and leadership potential. Skillogy PERFORM has been used by thousands of managers and leaders throughout the world over the last ten years to achieve superior work performance and improve team results. The research-based model is specifically designed for:

  • Individual contributors who are transitioning to manager-leader roles
  • Practicing managers and leaders 
  • Expert, specialist and professional roles that involve leadership

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