Profile of Heidi Adick, ACC, CPTD, MBA, BA(Psy)

Heidi Adick, ACC, CPTD, MBA, BA (Psy), is a Director & Consultant with Dew-Point International Ltd. 
Heidi has designed programmes and coached teams on topics such as Leadership, Management, Influence, Presentations, Stress & EQ, Change, Creative Problem-solving, and Team Alignment. Her clients have included ADS Securities, Bosch, Casino, Century Link, CLP, Crocs, Daiwa Securities, Fresenius, Hitachi, Invesco, Panasonic, Thales, and Vivarte.

Heidi works actively with executives and senior managers as an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach on matters relating to people development, organisational culture, leadership and succession. She is grounded in her psychology background, keeping up with the latest in neuroscience and learning as part of keeping up the most current standards of her Certified Professional in Talent Development accreditation from the Association for Talent Development.