Profile of Heidi Adick, ACC, CPLP, MBA, BA(Psy)

Heidi Adick, ACC, CPLP, MBA, BA(Psy), is a Coach, Facilitator, Director & Consultant with Dew-Point International Ltd since 2000.
She regularly designs and delivers programmes on topics such as Leadership, Management, Positive Communication and Influence, EQ, Assertiveness, Presentation & Writing Skills, DISC, Coaching, Productivity, Team Building, and Customer Service.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Heidi is familiar with Hong Kong people and its multi-cultural work environment. She has also lived, worked and studied in the USA, Germany and Australia, having considerable exposure to the tertiary education, non-profit, auto manufacturing, website design, and interactive news media industries.

Heidi's clients have included Carrefour, CLP Power, Dragages, the English Schools Foundation, Fresenius, ING, Lego, McDonald’s, Panalpina, Triumph, and the US Embassy.