Senior Executive training

Why Managers and Leaders should attend
The Advanced Management Programme

The Advanced Management Programme is a licensed programme designed for senior executives who are expected to drive business growth and create new opportunities. This intensive programme has strengthened the capacities of tens of thousands of senior managers. 
A mini-MBA for the experienced senior executive. 
Even managers with good interpersonal skills won’t be effective without solid skills in decision-making, problem-solving, planning and organising. Likewise, the most well-organised system and sophisticated process needs people to carry it out. Integrating people and practice approaches is what this course is all about: a practical approach that blends the very best of behavioural and “rational” management.
Learn the methods used by successful managers to get things done. 
Like most busy executives, you’re probably too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle to worry about your own plan of attack. You have an idea of what works for you, and what doesn’t. You probably take a pragmatic approach to your job.
At the Advanced Management Programme, you'll have the opportunity to sit down with other senior executives and find out why some ways work better than others and consider important questions such as:
  • How can the basic concepts of cost/benefit analysis, systems analysis, quantitative decision making, group dynamics and organisational psychology work for you?
  • What can you do to make sure your organisation is responsive to change?
Practice new approaches in a safe learning environment.
The best way for you to appreciate the value of this integrated approach is to see it in action – to see how it can make your planning more on-target, to assure the message you send is the message people receive, and to see how it helps you get real commitment to departmental and organisation goals. 
Time will be spent in small task teams. You’ll have decisions to make and problems to solve; just like the ones you face every day. Only this time you have the advantage of weighing alternatives with other managers and leaders and get the kind of immediate feedback you’d never get on the job.
This is a unique opportunity to see exactly how your management approach could change, and how to go about it without throwing everyone off balance.
The Advanced Management Programme has helped thousands of managers in organisations around the world.
  “This seminar has opened me up to new ways of attacking problems and situations. I also learned valuable information about myself and how I communicate.”
“This programme helped me understand others better and therefore to be more effective.”
“The Advanced Management Programme definitely assisted me in recognising the problems and attitudes of my staff. It helped me in my planning – particularly in my means-end thought process.”

 How the programme works ~

Special Note:  Two weeks before the course begins, we’ll send you your packet of course materials. The pre-course work includes useful reading, questionnaires and application case studies. This material introduces you to the basic concepts behind the integrated approach to management and is used as a jumping-off point for many of the course activities.