Building Individual and Team Effectiveness

Achieve better results through productive workplace relationships.

Your ability to successfully build effective working collaborations is the key to your success, and the success of your team!

The challenge is discovering how to work in a positive way with others, being aware of the differences among people and being willing to accept these differences as positive forces within your organisation.

It all starts with you! 

  • Build rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues
  • Develop flexibility in your actions, thoughts and feelings
  • Positively influence and motivate others
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Master the keys to excellent communication: 
    observing, listening, analysing, planning, and communication


Personal Profile System DISC Analysis
  • Discovering your behavioural strengths; Valuing the strengths of others; Developing strategies to meet diverse needs; Improving communication skills; Creating effective team work
Creating an Open Communication Climate
  • Identifying your communication style: how you relate most often; Sharpening your verbal and non-verbal behaviours and skills; Feedback and questioning skills
Effective Listening Skills
  • Listening barriers and their impact on effective workplace relationships; Improving listening by asking good questions; Giving and seeking feedback
Building Trusting Relationships
  • Managing assumptions in order to build trusting relationships; Consciously building trust at work; Developing and showing a positive attitude
Effective Workplace Cooperation
  • How do you build workplace co-operation?; Behaviours that support or undermine co-operation; Assessing your work group relationships
Making Teamwork Work
  • Key characteristics to building high-performance teams; Overcoming barriers to effective team-work; Setting the stage for team effectiveness;