Feedback Solutions Series

Leadership & Management

Higher Performance Through Open Communications

Feedback Solutions is a complete video training package designed to motivate people and provide them with the skills to give and receive feedback, improve morale, develop performance, build empowered teams and deliver quality service.

This comprehensive training package sets the scene for creating a "feedback culture" in your organisation - one in which giving and receiving feedback becomes part of normal day-to-day business.

"Feedback Solutions is an excellent training program. From the beginning of the first video,
the format and content impressed me. It's fast-moving without being superficial or
overwhelming and dramatizes the issues clearly, concisely and in interesting ways."
- Training Media Review

The Feedback Solutions training package includes video workbook/facilitator's guide (over 70 pages) covering all four videos.

  • DVD 1: Giving Feedback - Basic Skills
  • DVD 2: Giving Feedback - Advanced Skills
  • DVD 3: Receiving Feedback - Basic Skills
  • DVD 4: Receiving Feedback - Advanced Skills