The Accuracy Programme

Productivity Improvement
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
June 11, 2019
9:00AM - 5:30PM

Customers, suppliers and business partners expect and deserve accuracy. Customer Service programmes and Quality initiatives are designed to ensure that internal and external partners experience only one level of errors – none. Frontline staff have to respond to these expectations. Whether they are transferring, checking or matching data, they must be trained in these skills and empowered to give the best service they possibly can.
A licensed programme exclusively offered by Dew-Point, the Accuracy Programme is a new approach to increasing accuracy. The programme increases understanding of how errors are made, improves concentration and visual perception, and ensures greater productivity and efficiency at the workstation.


  • Increase accuracy when transferring numbers
  • Use specific techniques for checking data
  • Work efficiently with addresses, alpha-numerics and handwritten data 
  • Hear and say numbers with greater clarity
  • Improve concentration
  • Increase number span and short-term memory
  • Increase comfort and confidence with data

Key Topics

  • Understanding the mental process involved
  • Concentration
  • Using 3-digit clusters
  • Error analysis
  • Increasing eye reach
  • Checking addresses
  • Dealing with alpha-numerics
  • Accuracy with punctuated numbers
  • The meaning of in-house numbers
  • Maximising your short-term memory

"Quite interesting! The program helped me to see where I could improve my accuracy in my job. I learned how to improve my concentration, short-term memory and prioritise tasks."


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