Projecting A Professional Presence

Communication & Influencing
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
September 26, 2012

You may rise to the top, but you still need to deal with people. You know that polished communication is essential if you want to work more effectively with others, create better relationships with key people and build on your leadership potential. Whether you work with a handful of people or supervise hundreds, you’ll need to project poise and power.
In this programme, you’ll learn about the total executive image; about the impression you make by the way you present yourself; about projecting a positive image in the office; and about the importance of how rather than what you say. Using a positive coaching atmosphere, you'll learn how to get stronger support from employees and co-workers and master the key communication skills that will influence the rate at which your career grows.

  • Project a professional image that attracts the
  • right kind of attention
  • Convey poise and confidence when speaking to different people
  • Control what you say to achieve your objectives
  • Understand how others perceive you to
  • improve communication
  • Generate enthusiasm and charisma around people
  • Overcome “automatic resistance” to gain acceptance

Key Topics

  • Evaluating individual style
  • Recognising interpersonal skills that promote success
  • Improving the way you present yourself
  • Dressing the part – grooming and dress codes
  • Creating a feeling of confidence and success
  • The importance of networking skills
  • Practising communication in various settings
  • Building up relationships through charm
  • Using humour, genuine style and leading the crowd
  • Handling resistance tactfully and carefully

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