Skills for Career And Life Effectiveness (SCALE)

Communication & Influencing
Assessment Tool
Before spending your entire budget on employee training, invest one hour of salary or wages
per employee to identify the real employee training needs.
This online assessment is the successor to the highly acclaimed Personal Skills Map, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people to identify their skills, strengths, and areas for growth.
SCALE measures and displays eleven skills critical to life and career success, and forms the basis for creating a structured approach to improving those skills. This information enables the user to prepare a relevant, focused personal development plan. In addition, managers, trainers, coaches, and facilitators can use the data to determine priorities for training and development programs, and easily evaluate the results.
  • Positive Assessment for Personal and Career-Life Effectiveness
  • Instructions for How To Respond to the SCALE Items
  • The SCALE Questionnaire Presented One Item at a Time
  • Your SCALE Profile
  • Understanding Your SCALE Profile and Basic Report
  • Interpreting Your SCALE Profile -- Extended Report
SCALE's credibility as a development tool
  • Norm base of over 100,000 participants.
  • More than 50 doctoral research papers completed on the SCALE and related predecessor models, with additional papers now in progress.
  • Validation correlations with MMPI, 16PF, EPPS, CTI and others.
  • In its preceding and current forms, SCALE has been used worldwide in corporate, government, education, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, the Nordic Countries, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. User organizations are in every private and public sector, including high-tech, financial, energy exploration & production, public health, automotive
  • 98 response items, measuring eleven skills.
  • Skills validated as predictors of career and life effectiveness.
  • Quick video tutorials online for the user.
  • Can be completed in 20 - 25 minutes online.
  • Scored and Profile sheet created by the system.
  • Brief interpretive report for each skill.
  • Links to comprehensive interpretation for each skill, how it relates to other skills, its impact on career and life effectiveness and how to pursue growth in that skill.
  • Resource list for further growth and development.
  • Data may be provided to individual users or compiled into a group profile.
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