Stress Management & EQ (incl. EQi™)

Productivity Improvement
Course Date: 
August 8, 2022
9:00AM - 5:00PM

In today’s hectic economy, stress has become chronic, with long-term stress harming our physical and mental health. Psychological research has found there is a very close relationship between a person’s EQ and their ability to manage stress. People with low EQ panic easily, feel helpless, and even make self-defeating decisions under stress.  Those with high EQ function in an objective and effective way even when under high levels of stress.  They know how to prevent the stress that leads to job burnout and to use stress to help them achieve satisfying goals.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to improve your EQ using positive and constructive approaches to deal with the inevitable stress that you face at work, at home and in all areas of your life, and then turn it to your advantage. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, you’ll gain skills in minimising stress and maximising productivity – for yourself and for your colleagues.

Complimentary EQ Assessment

A EQ-i 2.0 Report is included complimentary with your programme registration. With EQ-i 2.0, you have an accurate way to assess your strengths and blind spots related to emotional intelligence in less than 20 minutes online. It also helps you to develop your customised action plan to ensure you are focusing on the right development needs.  


  • Understand the concept of EQ and ways to improve your own EQ
  • Apply EQ to personal growth and stress management
  • Gain an understanding of what causes your stress 
  • Identify your personal stress coping style
  • Learn to detect your signs of stress in their early stages
  • Achieve personal growth and improved mental wellness
  • Apply and integrate stress management techniques to your daily life and work situations

Key Topics

  • Understanding and Enhancing EQ
  • Managing emotions
  • A personal plan for developing high EQ
  • Why stress management and life balance are so important
  • Tips/techniques for managing “in the moment” stress
  • How to achieve work/life balance
  • Planning and managing your daily life: learning to set priorities, create a healthy lifestyle and organise your personal life
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques: caring for body, mind and spirit
  • Examining personal values, goal-setting and creating change in yourself
  • Implementing a personal plan for productive stress management
"I enjoyed this class very much! The trainer is very knowledgeable with a lively and active method of teaching."

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