Project Management Skills

Productivity Improvement
Course Date: 
June 3, 2021
9:00AM - 5:00PM

Note: All scheduled Public Courses will be held as live online sessions via Zoom, until further notice. Our online courses are designed to maximise the benefit of "face" time while balancing the attention span of the online format. There is no compromise in content or learning activities, which we have ensured is the same as in our face-to-face programmes.

Through simulation and workshop activities, you will learn project management skills by managing a project based on real-world scenarios. You will practice using project management tools to work with your team members in planning, implementing and controlling the project and successfully bringing it to a close. Activities in the workshop include: agreeing on the project scope, objectives and deliverables; developing a work breakdown structure; sequencing tasks; estimating work duration and costs, and much more.

  • Know the major phases of project management and the activities in each phase
  • Learn project planning skills to meet stakeholders’ requirements and increase their satisfaction level
  • Apply best project management practices to initiate, implement and control a project, including managing change 
  • Practice using project planning tools and techniques on real cases
  • Develop project plans, schedules and cost estimates effectively
  • Analyse risks and prepare risk reduction/prevention plans
  • Learn project communication and control tools

Key Topics

  • Project definition and how to practice project management
  • The project management framework
  • Key issues in project management
  • Project scope, objectives and key deliverables
  • Brainstorming the work breakdown structure
  • Setting clear milestones to control progress
  • Managing risks and developing contingency plans
  • Project execution and control
  • Controlling and managing project changes
  • Activities at the closing phase

"The instructor was very experienced and gave solid examples related to projects in our company. An impressive lesson which helped me enhance my project management skills."

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