The Advanced Management Programme (3-days)

Leadership & Management
Hong Kong
Course Date: 
June 15-17, 2020
9:00AM - 5:30PM

The Advanced Management Programme prepares executives to take on senior leadership challenges. The advanced concepts covered in this programme will help you to solve complex problems, create opportunities for business growth and make a consistently powerful impact even in unpredictable conditions.

Go beyond the fundamentals with these consulting skills and advanced techniques for leading teams, top-level organisation planning, communication style effectiveness, and systematic approaches to risk management.

Unique Features
  • A one-of-a-kind programme that integrates the development of leadership skills and management skills.
  • It features Planning and Communication models, developed especially for this programme, which enables you to analyse your personal style, to clarify practices at work and to define more effective alternative approaches.

Key Topics

  • It employs management tools unique to this programme, such as Means-Ends Analysis, the Decision Criteria Chart and the Planning Criteria Chart – to improve your problem-solving.
  • It provides for the application of contemporary management concepts to a series of increasingly complex and reality-based management and organisational dilemmas to work through solutions
Developing Vertical and Horizontal Communication Competencies
  • Understanding the current practices in organisation management
  • Understanding the four major, and eight supportive, communication approaches
  • Measuring and reviewing collaborative team effectiveness
  • Developing appropriate on-the-job improvement plans
Assessing your Practices in Planning for Organisational Improvement
  • Understanding the methods of Purposeful, Traditional, Entrepreneurial and Crisis planning
  • Examining your personal and organisational planning practices
  • Assessing team effectiveness, and planning for improvement
  • Analysing the process of Organisation Development
Systems Analysis of Organisational Processes and Procedures
  • Analysing an organisation’s working systems and presenting recommendations
  • Exploring the four planning orientations using the risk and system concepts
  • Assessing an organisation using Organisation Development techniques
  • Objective and unbiased output evaluation and improvement feedback
Applying the Concepts and Techniques to a Full Scale Diagnosis
  • Implementing a rational total system analysis
  • Measurement criteria to evaluate decisions and results
  • Creating a fully documented set of recommendations
  • Anticipating and preventing problems before they occur
Implementation Assessment and Planning
  • Assessing your organisation’s planning and communication practices
  • Identifying the most significant improvement priorities
  • Developing preliminary Organisation Development plans
  • Preparing yourself and the organisation for change

Who Should Attend
Middle- and upper-level executives in charge of subordinate managers and/or difficult technological changes.

"The programme was excellent at helping me to understand the models and concepts being discussed, with clear explanations of the topics involved."

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